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I am an integrated counsellor, mother of two, in a multicultural  and multilingual family.
I am passionate about supporting people to overcome the challenges life throws at them.
I have been on the journey myself, going from not being confident and being stuck, to finding who I am and my purpose.
I have had many roles in my life and in all of them, I have been able to support people on their journey to overcome their difficulties. I have had a particular interest in helping women to overcome their challenges and discover their potentials.
In my work, I offer a compassionate and kind environment where people feel safe to explore their difficulties. I offer a listening ear while also guiding in a non judgemental way.

My training

I trained in France as an Educateur de Jeunes Enfants (directly translated as Educator for Young Children) and gained a vast amount of knowledge on children development and how events can impact them. I also gained knowledge on attachment and how breaks in the relationship can impact our mental health in adulthood. My dissertation was on how to support children, in refuge, of women escaping domestic violence.

A number of years later, I started to train as a counsellor and undertook a Level 3 course with Women and Girl Network. The course was specifically looking at counselling and therapeutic intervention for women overcoming experiences of violence from a feminist and multi-cultural point of view. The course gave me further knowledge on gender based violence and tools on how to offer the best support to women survivor.

I followed on by completing a Level 5 Diploma in Integrative Counselling with Heart and Mind. The course integrated various modules, including modules on online and Christian counselling. I was particularly interested in how to support people who struggle with their faith after difficult life events; I completed my dissertation on faith and trauma (a copy is available here, if you are interested).

I have gained accreditation from BACP in 2022. I am also continuing to attend training and develop in areas of special interest such as CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder) and working with multilingualism.

Past experiences

I have extensive experience working in the charity sector, supporting individuals in different challenging situations; first as a Family Support Worker, then as an Anti-Trafficking Advocate, specialising in supporting mothers to reunite or keep their children. Through those jobs, I gained experience in advocating with different institutions such as the Home Office, Social Services, Housing and Courts. I also gained knowledge in children safeguarding and in delivering groups and trainings.

Following on from those, I worked as a Domestic Violence Prevention Worker and Keyworker for women in prisons and/or involved in the criminal justice system. I gained working knowledge of the justice system and matters facing the women concerned, in particular, I gained good knowledge on supporting individuals with addiction.


Those experiences have given me a passion to support individuals facing difficulties, especially women who have endured hardship and traumatic events.

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