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The Rewind therapy

The Rewind Therapy (RT)  has  become internationally recognised as indispensable to treat PTSD.  

It is applicable to survivors trans-culturally and usually requires no more than two sessions to bring about closure for single traumas. 


The Rewind is different from other imaginal exposure therapies because no details are disclosed to the therapist Hence the treatment is known as "closure without disclosure".

This treatment can greatly reduce, even remove, traumatic and phobic symptoms quickly.

It uses relaxation and imagery to help process memories and reduce emotional and physiological symptoms in your life.

It helps to file the traumatic event so as to stop involuntary recall. It does not erase the memory of it but gives you more control over it.

The cost of Rewind is £300 for up to 6 sessions.

You can find more information  about the history of the therapy on the IARTT website

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