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Online Counselling

Does online counselling work?

Online counselling

What are the benefits of online counselling?

If time is limited, it allows you to have your counselling session wherever you are and in the case of emails whenever you want.
If coming out of the house is difficult or not possible because of personal difficulties or carer responsibilities, it allows you to have your session at home without the need to travel somewhere.

Some people might also find it easier to discuss certain issues in writing or/ and without seeing the other person.

If you think that online counselling might be for you but you are unsure of the modalities have a look below or get in touch and we can discuss it together.

Is online counselling right for me?:

• Are you comfortable using internet technology?
• Would you prefer to see your counsellor face-to-face?
• Do you feel you can express your feelings effectively using words?
• Do you feel your situation is too complex to discuss via the internet?
• Is there a computer terminal that you can use privately without interruption?

Counselling session via Video

How does a video counselling session work?

Video sessions are 50 minutes and can be weekly, fortnightly  or monthly as required.

We will agree a time when we will be both able to connect and be in a private space (this can be anywhere where you feel confortable and safe: your living room, bedroom, car, the park...) where we cannot be overheard or disturbed.

People often also find it useful to use head/earphones to ensure more privacy.

If you choose this modality, I will give you more information about ‘Zoom’, which is a safe video platform similar to skype.

What are the advantages of video counselling?

It is a way for you to see your counsellor face-to-face from your computer whilst engaging in therapy.

 Being able to see your counsellor gives you more of the benefits you get from face-to-face counselling but with the convenience of online therapy.

Doing therapy via video, means that you don't have to commute to see your counsellor and might allow you more time for yourself.

I will advise you during our first session on how to make the most of therapy session and to think about setting up "transition time" for yourself before and after the session.

How does online video counselling work?
what is email counselling?

Email counselling

What is email counselling?

Therapeutic email are generally one email exchange per week or every two weeks.

We will agree on a word limit or the time that you might spend writing the email. I will spend the same amount of time as a counselling session to answer your email (50 mns).

I will confirm reception of your email and then reply fully within 48 hours.

What are the advantages of counselling session via email?

Counselling support using email offers you the opportunity to consider what you wish to say before you send it as well as time between exchanges to reflect on the information you have received.

You might find it helpful if you need more time to process and/or if you like to go back to your session.

Some things might also be more easily shared in writing and email counselling can help when talking is difficult or emotions are hard to express with words.

Email counselling can also be offered as a complement to face to face counselling or online counselling.

 A consideration of email counselling is the time delay between your email and my email, some person might find that the delay bring some anxiety and you might then consider if it is the right modality of counselling for you. As such it is also not best adapted to work with issues that feel urgent.

Online chat counselling

How does online chat counselling work?

Chat sessions are 50 minutes and can be weekly or fortnightly as required.

We will agree a time when we will be both able to connect and be in a space where we feel confortable and safe.

During an online chat counselling session we will have a "conversation" using the chat function. It will allow you to use writing as a way to communicate as well as image and emoji if needed to express things.

If you choose this modality, I will give you more information about the platform we will use (zoom or Vsee).

What are the advantages of online chat counselling?

A transcript of the session will be  available after the session allowing you to review what both you and your counsellor said.

This gives you the opportunity to clarify any uncertainties you may have from your session and also leaves you with something to go back to as you process the information.

It gives you the advantages of writing therapy but with the advantages of  instantaneous answers.

It might help to work through issues around anxiety, low self-esteem or life changes. It might not be recommended to work with issues around trauma or depression.

You will not need a webcam for this type counselling.

Can I get help with online chat counselling?
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