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Drawing your emotions

drawing your emotion: anxiety, depression, fear
Photo by Jess Bailey Designs

Sometimes there is no words to express our emotions or feelings.

They might feel heavy, weight on our shoulder or on our chest.

Drawing your emotion allows you to release some of the tension, it might help you to express it and find words to share it with others.

Here, I demonstrate a quick way to draw your anxiety.

Start by drawing how it looks like, what shape, what colour. Then draw how it feels: prickly, messy, pushing down..

You can also add words that you are hearing in your head: what is this emotion telling you? What messages are you getting?

To finish, you might now think what is helping and how is it helping?

In this video, I describe it in a Christian perspective so if I believe that God is helping me, how is He helping? what is He doing to those words, those feelings?

I hope it helps you, and if you would like more support don't hesitate to get in touch.


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